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Reading Romance Novels
by Linda C Butler

If you are an aspiring romance writer you must read romance novels similar to what you want to write.  You cannot write romance novels if you don’t read them. 

When selecting a book to read, check the copyright date, and don’t purchase books that have been republished as you want to read books that editors have recently acquired and not books from a couple years ago.  Markets change, and it is important to understand what today’s editors are looking for.  If you are planning to submit to a series, familiarize yourself with the line, especially the books written by first time authors.  Established authors may not be required to adhere as closely to the line’s requirements as first time authors.

Read book reviews to understand how reviewers rate new works.  Romantic Times reviews newly released works and provides information on current happenings in the romance genre.

As you read books examine them for details.  Ask yourself how the author advanced the story through the characters, subplots and scenes. As a reader, how do you react to the story?  You can learn a great deal about writing by reading and it’s a great way to hone your craft.

Reasons to Write a Romance Novel
by Linda C Butler

Do you want to write a romance novel? It takes inspiration, hard work and a bit of luck to become a published author. Readers love romance and today the field of romance includes mysteries, science fiction, historical and many other categories. Some of the top reasons to write a Romance Novel are as follows:


You want to write a novel with two strong characters falling in love and with an emotionally or satisfying happy ending.  You believe in the power of true love.


You enjoy reading romance novels and become emotionally involved in the stories.  You realize that you must read books to improve your writing skills.


You are a creative person who enjoys the challenge of creating conflict between the characters and then bringing them together in a believable way in a love story.  You believe love can find a solution to both internal and external conflicts.


You want to sell your novel.  Although you can use an agent, unpublished authors can submit their novel direct to a publisher.


You want to develop loyal readers.  If readers like your writing they will buy your future books, even if you switch genres.


You believe that you can be successful.  Romance novels account for over 50% of all paperback sold and publishers are always looking for fresh ideas.



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