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Romance Writing Articles

How to Know Which Point of View to Use in a Story
By Sheila C Skillman

The Hero Journey Motif As a Tool for Reading and Writing
By Susan O'Connor

Five Tips on How to Make Your Fictional Characters Engaging
By Sheila C Skillman

Creating a Plot Outline in 8 Easy Steps
By Glen C Strathy

Proofreading Your Own Work: 10 Practical Tips for Authors
By Harriet Hodgson

Fiction Writing Tips - How to Write Flashbacks
By Rachel K Small

Book or Novel Prologues - Should They Be Used and Do You Need One?
By Mark David Evans

Controlling Plot Pace in a Novel
By Paul Dorset

Tips for Creating Great Character Names
L. B. Gale

Methods To Initiate Conflict In Your Story
By Mathias Cavanaugh

Generating Story Ideas
By Darcie Carsner Torres

On Writing a Novel - The Query Letter Dissected
By Robert L. Bacon

Writing Award Prizes - Win Them With Powerful Setting
By John Yeoman

Proofreading Your Own Work: 10 Practical Tips for Authors
By Harriet Hodgson

3 Tips for Creating an Exciting Fantasy Character
By Rachel K Small

Description: Fiction Characters
By Sherry Soule

Hooking Your Readers
By Cindy A Christiansen

Writing Your First Book - 5 Tips to Keep Your Love Alive
By Jean Hoefling

Capture That Idea - Before it Gets Away From You
By Neil Sawers

Creating Characters for a Short Story
By Mervyn Love

Writing Dialogue - How to Master the Art of Writing Dialogue
By Kiley C

Writing a Novel? Time Management
By Joanne Reid

No Plot, No Point - Why Characters Need a Purpose-Driven Life
By Irene Watson

Reading Romance Novels
by Linda Butler

Writing a Novel? Pacing
By Joanne Reid

Writing a Novel - What to Do When You're Stuck
By Kiley C




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